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What is Poka?

Poka is a period tracker and reproductive health app created with and for African women.

It is a one-stop-hub catering to the reproductive health and lifestyle needs of the modern African woman.

| po·ka | : woman or lady. [in Frafra, a language spoken in northern Ghana

How it started

[current] A p p features

Period Tracking & Cycle Syncing

Easy-to-use tool for tracking menstrual cycles, including information on cycle length, period duration, and symptoms.

Poka Library

A range of educational resources tailored specifically for African women, including articles, videos, and expert advice on reproductive health and wellness.

PokaDolls Community

Connect with like-cultured African women sharing experiences, tips, and advice on reproductive health and wellness.

Poka Market

Shop carefully curated women's personal care and lifestyle products from local African artisans. Ethically sourced & produced. Environmentally sustainable.

[upcoming] A p p features

  • pregnancy, and menopause tracking
  • lifestyle and wellness tips for African women
  • access to women’s reproductive health professionals
  • Poka Piem [peer-to-peer mentorship]
  • Poka AI assistant

Meet the founders

all African . all women . one vision.


We are PokaDolls

A vibrant community of hundreds of African women dedicated to optimizing our reproductive health and lifestyle.

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